Find Out How Long the Water Heater Lasts

Replace Your Water Heater After a Certain Number of Years

Of course you are aware that your water heater will not last forever and that the day will come when you have to replace it. You must have wondered how often do water heaters need to be replaced? Here you can find out how long the water heater lasts and when you need to replace it.

Depending on whether your water heater is conventional or a tankless water heater, its lifespan also depends.

How Often Do Water Heaters Need To Be Replaced

The expected lifetime of conventional water heaters is between 8 and 12 years. This is not a small period at all and if you maintain it properly, your water heater will heat your water for a very long time. But after this expected period of life of the water heater, if it starts to break down, be sure that it is better to buy a new one immediately and to always be sure that you will have enough hot water.

Tankless water heaters can last up to 20 years. With these water heaters, breakdowns are much smaller and do not happen often, which is why they can last so long. Their biggest disadvantage is that they are much more expensive than tank water heaters. However, they can be a much more cost-effective option for many reasons. They do not need preventive maintenance as often as conventional water heaters and you will always have hot water in unlimited quantities.

If you have read this blog to the end, you surely got the answer to the question how often do water heaters need to be replaced. Based on this knowledge, be aware of when you need to replace your water heater.